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Wet Paint Films New Website

About us:

How we fell in love (with the profession):  Jon and Mark established Wet Paint Films and Media Solutions, LLC in 2005.  Our company spawned from a love for shooting the sport of mountain biking, a hobby which we began to pursue actively in 2002.  We made our first video clip by using an 8mm camera and dubbing in music and sound effects using the camera, a computer, and a VHS deck.  It grew quickly from there to Mini-DV cameras and linear editing with cheap software and an out-dated computer.  (much like kids today make movies for Youtube).  By 2003 we had built our own PC, loaded it with better editing software, and were producing our first movie: Spanked: Kids of the 80’s

How and when we got the name:  Shortly after we stumbled into the video hobby, Mark went to a concert with some friends.  While at the concert, he found a wet paint sign, and began to hold it above his head during the show, much like the crazy shirtless guys at football games hold up signs with messages so they will be seen on TV.  At one point between songs, the lead singer pointed Mark out and said “hey, wet paint, that’s pretty cool.”  After that, we started to think of names for our company, and trying to get a website up.  We kept coming back to the name Wet Paint Productions…but the website was unavailable.  So we decided on Wet Paint Films, which we realized we liked better anyway.

Significance of the name:  It’s just a name, right?  Yeah, you could say that.  It honestly just came about because, well, that was just explained.  But we liked it because wet paint is something that is still workable.  Kind of like a mound of soft clay.  It’s a work in progress, but it’s something that eventually will dry, and it will be noticeable.   We want to be workable, but we also want to be able to make a lasting impression.  That’s what Wet Paint means to us.